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Oil Extravergine di Oliva Menchetti
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Menchetti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We produce and sell Toscano IGP extra-virgin olive oil, choosing the methods of cultivation, harvesting, pressing and preservation that allow to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality with an acidity of around 0.1%

The Olive Grove

Menchetti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of the expert cultivation of our majestic olive grove, meticulously cured from harvest to pruning without the use of chemical products.

The company produces between 10,000 and 15,000 liters of oil every year, deeming it necessary to maintain a limited production to always guarantee high standards of quality control…

Olive harvesting  

The harvest takes place between October and January, when the olives have reached the optimal ripeness level.

The collection is an activity that involves the whole farm and is a moment of aggregation and group work.
Begin, as per tradition, with the drafting of large nets to facilitate the accumulation of olives, applying the method of hand-picking, ie the sorting of the best olives and the elimination of branches and leaves inevitably fallen.

This technique is not practicable in medium-large companies because of labor costs and is typical of artisan production, further confirmation of the care and passion with which we produce our extra virgin olive oil.

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The Menchetti Agritourism Company offers the possibility to participate in the  “Week end per la raccolta”, enthralling weekends in which we will assist in the olive harvesting activity and will accompany you to the mill where you will come out with your freshly squeezed oil.

The Oil  

The Menchetti oil does not undergo any kind of processing after pressing.

The product obtained is a very intense green color oil, not transparent, fragrant and aromatic, with a strong taste. All these characteristics are slowly diminishing over time, until obtaining a clear, transparent oil with a delicate flavor.

The Tuscan peasants prefer “the new oil” with strong and pungent tones. When you taste the new oil, you will feel a characteristic tingling in the throat accompanied by a light bitterness and an artichoke aftertaste. People not accustomed to this taste generally prefer spring oil, already a bit ‘decanted and refined, although from year to year they tend more and more to request new oil.

The extra virgin olive oil by law must have an acidity of less than 0.8% or must contain a quantity of oleic acid of less than 0.8 grams per liter. Our oil, from the analyzes carried out during the harvest, turns out to have an acidity that varies between 0.2% and 0.25% depending on the year.

Also all the other parameters of the analyzes are many times lower than the minimum ones of law.



The oil must be kept away from light and heat. It is preferable to consume it within a year so as not to make it lose too much the organoleptic and flavor characteristics described but, if well kept, it can easily last two or even three years.

The unfiltered oils, if bought mainly during the winter, leave a light deposit in the container, for the oils bought in the spring this deposit is minimal because the decantation has already taken place in the storage containers. Naturally, the presence of the fund confirms the genuineness of the oil and is not absolutely indicative of a deterioration process in progress in the product.

The tasting  

Although universally recognized as the condiment par excellence, one of the best ways to taste extra virgin olive oil, and above all new oil is undoubtedly the Tuscan bruschetta.


A slice of classic Tuscan homemade bread with plenty of olive oil and a pinch of salt. In this way you get to appreciate every nuance of taste and smell of oil – especially with the new oil – the characteristic tingling in the throat.

The oil is then extraordinary on all types of Mediterranean salad, or in winter on soups or ribollite: once the soup is ready it gives an abundant dusting of parmesan and is added to each dish a nice thread of raw oil, that with the heat of the soup spreads in the air a wonderful scent …